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My special offers to customers who want to 'get started on the internet' are:-

The standard deal is £30 per year + you register and pay for your own site name
The simple (and silly) services costs £20 per year, using a sub-domain of one of my sites

These deals are aimed at:-
  1. people who want to learn the internet. - I will write 3 pages for you, and edit them 3 times, till you are happy with the template, and then I will 'hold your hand' while you get up and running and learn to do it yourself
  2. people who want a very small and simple site, and don't want to learn the internet - I will write a few pages, and set up a system so that if you send me the text for a new page, or a calendar of events, then I will upload that for you (about 6 times a year, as long as it remains simple).

But, if this doesn't work ? I am happy to spend about 4 hours/year on your site for this (though it's OK if I spend a bit more). However, if this isn't working well :-

  1. if I spend 5 hours on your site,
  2. or if you find you don't have enough time to spare
  3. or if you find it all too difficult

Then will have to switch to one of my other deals - see My Price List. But, please talk to me before this happens !

Limitations. I also want to add that my 'special offers' are also limited

  • I am not a 'flash' designer - I am offering to do simple sites based on a few basic patterns, and/or to transfer existing leaflets and logos onto the internet. If you want logos designed and 'image engineering', then I can recommend 'real designers' and 'image consultants', and I would be happy to implement and manage their initial work for you.
  • I am not a 'high-tech wizard'. If you want complex payment systems and special programs, I can help you to find the right people to set up the system, and then I can run the system for you when it is installed, but I cna't do it myself (at the moment. I am learning PHP, and have access to many scripts that I will be able to adapt, but this is develping slowly.

I am keen to learn more about web design and programming, and to offer a good service. Let's talk !