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Duration of Service
I have set up Woodlands Web
with the intention of running it indefinitely. However, indefinitely is a very long time, so, I guarantee that I will run this service until at least September 2005, and that, if for any reason I cannot continue with it myself, I will make every effort to ensure its continuation.

Limitation of Offer.
I am offering to 'get you up and running on the internet' for a very low price.

However, there must be some limits to this, so, in the event of any future disputes, I want to explain exactly what you mean.
  • If you provide the text and design requirements, then I will build 3 web pages for you (OK then, 4 pages)
  • I will then modify each of them 3 times according to your instructions (OK then, 4 times)
  • I really want you to be happy with your site and recommend my service to others, and I will carry on helping you as much as I can, if I think I can succeed in making you happy, and that you can 'get started' with your website.
  • However, I recognise that it will be very difficult for some people to manage their own sites, and it is impossible to know this in advance without trying it first, even though I think I am providing a good set of tools and instructions so that you can do this.
  • In this circumstance, I am happy to manage the site for you, but I would need to be paid for this. I would then contact you to discuss what needs to be done and what would be a fair price for it. Aproximate prices are given in More Pages

Cost of sites
The cost of sites is currently set very low. I may have to raise it later in the light of experience gained.

Joint Ventures
I am interested in a range of joint ventures - contact me if you have a good idea, or if you would like to be an agent for my services.