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Service Agreement

Running an internet server is a highly specialised profession, so I am renting space from a company who provide an excellent service, including virus and spam filters. I could not easily learn to do this myself. They have made a Service Agreement with me, and I am happy to pass on the relevant parts of it to my customers (I am happy to recommend my service provider if you are interested). I hope to pass on these benefits to my customers to the best of my ability :-

Just as all customers are required to agree to our terms and conditions, we have decided to set out some areas which we guarantee to all customers as this is only fair.


We always strive for 100% server uptime and on a week to week basis this is achieved very often. We will always work hard to keep the servers available and performing to their highest standard.

Customer Support
We will always provide the best support possible using methods such as support email, forums, online helpdesk and FAQ archives. We guarantee that all support queries will be answered within 10 hours although the vast majority of support requests are currently answered in under an hour.For every support ticket registered by a current customer in the correct manner which takes more than 10 hours for our response, £1 will be credited towards the next invoice.

Data Protection
We agree never to sell, make public, or distribute your details that we keep with your account records. This information is for internal use and will never leave the company. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Credit Card Security
All online purchases are carried out by a third party payment processor with the highest security in place. We never have access to your sensitive payment details and we do not store it in any way, shape or form. Our payments are currently handled by www.worldpay.com.

No Hidden Costs
We guarantee to charge you the price that you see on the website for our hosting packages with absolutely nothing added. There are no setup fees, admin fees, or other hidden costs that will be added at the latest stage or ordering. Also, we are not VAT registered so all prices are currently free of Value Added Tax.

At some future date I may introduce online payment systems at Woodlands Web