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When you have chosen your site name, and the service you want (standard, simple, or other), then I will send you an invoice for the amount needed (hosting + cost of site name, if any). You can pay me in the following ways:-

By Paypal (best for any payments in US $). Click the button and follow the instructions ! Please email me, and I will check that the payment has been received. (please note, this uses the account for one of my other sites at www.whatever-will.be)

By Cheque. For payments in £ Sterling.If you wish to pay £, it is easiest to pay by cheque, and I will send you my address.

By Cash Transfer. For payments in €, I will send you details of my account for transfer

At the moment I cannot accept payments by VISA or other electronic methods.

Site Names. There are 2 main options -

  1. I am happy to register site names on your behalf using my account with UK-reg, and issue a certificate of ownership to you. I will need your name, address, email and contact telephone number for this, though only the owner's name needs to be displayed if someone does a WHOIS lookup.
  2. You can register it yourself, and I will provide you with the Name Server information so that the registry points to the actual location of your site on my domain.

I would not make any charge for purchasing sites,or for transfer IN or OUT of registrations, however I would have to pass on any charges levied on me. Please note that most site names are now purchased for an initial 2 years. See also Site Names

Renewals. The hosting cost is due annually. I will give you 1 months notice before your site becomes due for renewal. For 'own-name sites', the registration would lapse on the date of renewal if I have not heard from you, and (I imagine) that the registry would no longer send connections to the site, and it would cease operating.
For sub-domains of my sites, there would be an additional 2 weeks for receipt of renewal payment, and the site would then lapse and be deleted.