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Choosing a Site Name

You can choose any name you want, but some of the best .com names are already taken, including all of the 3-letter names like ( and are often available instead, and are cheaper too). You can use all letters and numerals, and - (hyphen) in your site name, but no spaces or other characters. You can check availability at UK-reg. A site name always has the form (the www can be omitted) Your email address always has the form

The name should be memorable so visitors to your site can find it easily.

If you want your own site name, you must buy the right to use that name from a registrar. There are several ways of doing this:-

  1. I can register Site Names for you using my account at UK-reg. I will issue a certificate of ownership to you. I need your name, address, email and contact telephone number for this (there is a global WHOIS lookup for site ownership, which must display the owners name).
  2. You can register it yourself at ( and many others will also do this, but, you have to set up an account). I will then provide you with the Name Server information so that the registry points to the location of your site on my domain.

I will not make any extra charge for registrations, or for transfers IN or OUT, however I will pass on any charges levied on me. Please note that most site names are now purchased for an initial 2 years.

Typical Prices (from are:-

.com / .org £21.15 for 2 years, inc. VAT / .org.ok £ 6.93 for 2 years, inc. VAT
all others (.be .at .it) please ask

Phone me on 01372-749803, email:-