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File Management

File management is the key to operating your site :-

Please Note- If I am writing all your pages for you, then you don't need to learn about file management or file transfer - then please ignore these pages

  Site Structure - the file structure of Your Site.
This is Essential
  File and Folder structures and addressing
This background knowledge is most important.
  Doing Uploads and Downloads from your site
  File Manager - this is part of your control panel.
  Other file manager programs (FTP programs), using either an FTP utility or an edit program

What I have written about the file structure of your site is essential for operating it, and the general information about file structures and addressing is very important.

The file manager in the control panel is not very attractive, but it is useful sometimes :-

  1. Uploading single files
  2. Using the WYSIWYG editor to make small changes to files
  3. Operating some of the utility programs.

Using an FTP program is recommended for :-

  1. Uploading and downloading large numbers of files
  2. Ensuring that the file structures on the server and your hard disk are the same. Some FTP utilities (like the one in Dreamweaver) set up a cache to ensure that this is correct.