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Email and Webmail Administration

Once you have successfully logged on to the Control Panel, find the Mail Management section (as in the screenshot below)

This is used this to set up your email accounts and mailboxes.

Then setup Outlook so you can read your emails (or use webmail if you prefer)


  1. A Default Mailbox is set up automatically when your account is opened. This is in the form yourusername@yoursite.com. The server sometimes generates messages to users which are sent to this mailbox. I might also send emails to this if I have no other way of contacting you. But, do not give the details of this mailbox to anyone else, as it will give away your username for your site, and this may diminish security.
  2. Spam Assassin is usually turned off - it can be set to remove spam, and is effective, but it sometimes removes messages that are NOT spam too. I have had no problems with spam on this server so far, so I recommend that you wait till you get a problem, then first use the Blocker, and if there is still a problem, use Spam Assassin
  3. The Other Utilities for forwarding, blocking, auto response, mail handler etc. can be set up very easily.