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Control Panel

The Control Panel is the key to operating your site, and there are the following main components :-

How to log-in and access your control panel
Utilities available on the control panel, and how to use them
Account information (space and bandwidth used, server details)
Site Statistics (webaliser - and other stats too)
File Management
Email and Webmail setup

Email, file manager and statistics are the most used utilities, though advanced users may find others useful too.

There are many free scripts and programs which can be installed on your site. But, some message board and forum programs are banned by the server company because they cause problems - please consult me before installing any other message boards or forums, and I will contact the server administrators to get their permission.

The full range of utilities is shown in this screenshot. I do not install the most esoteric ones on all the sites - they can be added later if you need them. The bandwidth and server space will depend on 'the deal' - see the Specifications Page for more details