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Managing your Site


So, I have built the first few pages for you, and I have sent you an email with your passwords and other startup information that you need.

What Next ? - you need to operate your site (unless I am managing it for you)

The links in the orange box on the left are the key step-by-step instructions you must learn to be able to operate your site :-

  • access your site CPanel control panel
  • set up email accounts so you can send and receive emails
  • upload new and amended pages to your site, and manage your files
    Please Note- If I am writing all your pages for you, then you don't need to learn about file management or file transfer.

I give full instructions for these, but please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you get stuck. (These instructions are only applicable to my customers' sites).

I will do my best to give you support, but cannot guaratee instant response to calls and emails. If you live near Epsom, I'll even get on my bike and come round and sort it all out for you !

Phone me on 01372-749803, email:-