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Joint Ventures


There is a range of services I can provide on my own, but there is a wider range of co-operative services that I am interested in. So, I am 'flying a kite' here about the areas I am interested in .......

Examples of these are :-

Agents. For all my services, I am happy to pay 20% commission for referrals

Local Services. I have created several local sites for Epsom and Surrey, in particular for businesses, green issues, and social issues.These require a local presence, and I am interested in spreading this to other areas in joint ventures.(see my simple sites)

Clubs. If you have a 'subject area' where you have a very wide network of contacts, then we could have a Joint Venture in that area - this could include collections, nature studies, sports.

I am very interested in personal history. There are factories I worked in that have left no trace, concerts I went to, things I saw. These are not enough to print in a book or magazine, but I think "What Really Happened" is important, as is trying to build up a collective history. This might include genealogy and family history. It seems to me that the web will soon be the 'Encyclopaedia of Everything That Is or Was'

Think Tanks.
I am interested in 'the future' and the way we create it, such as politics, academic issues, the way the green movement works, sustainability, and many other areas. I am not sure how much I can do on my own, but I may try anyway !

Phone George McNamara on 01372-749803 email:-

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