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Websites for Sale - £ 30 /year !

Leaflet Site

send me a leaflet,
or give me the address of a site you like, (plus your text and photos)

or make up a design from the Seven Patterns in my Design Pages,

Then I will build 3 pages for you, edit them 3 times to create a template, and update them 3 times a year. All this for £ 30 /year (plus name costs). This includes 30 mb web space, 300mb/month bandwidth, 5 email addresses, control panel, and many utilities and features.
See HERE for more options - Pamphlet, Brochure and Catalogue sites

Hosting Service. If you want to write your own pages, my Standard deal is a 30mb site with 1gb/month maximum data transfer, 5 POP mailboxes, CPanel control panel with many utilities, and no adverts or pop- ups This costs £30 per year.
(Or, I can make the first pages for you, creating a template. You can learn to write your own Webpages - first learn to update and edit a page, then go further by adapting an existing page to make a new one, and finally you can build new pages from scratch. There is free software you can Download to do this).

See HERE for more options of site sizes and specifications.

Major Software Packages. All of the major software packages can be automatically installed and updated using Softaclulous, such as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. Competitive rates are available for larger sites using these programs.

If you live near Epsom, I'll even get on my bike and come round and sort it all out for you ! Phone George McNamara on 01372-749803, email:-

Service -Value - Simplicity