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Leaflet Site

send me a leaflet,
or give me the address of a site you like, (plus your text and photos)

or make up a design from the Seven Patterns in my Design Pages,

Then I will build 3 pages for you, edit them 3 times to create a template, and update them 3 times a year. All this for £ 30 /year (plus name costs). This includes 30 mb web space, 5 email addresses, control panel, and many utilities and features.

Business Card Site - 3 pages, £30 a year

Pamphlet Site - 6 pages, £50 a year

Brochure Site - 10 pages, £70 a year

Catalogue Site - 25 pages, £125 a year

Terms . My terms for these types of sites are that I will build the site, giving 3 rounds of editing and improvement until an agreed template is arrived at, and then update the pages 3 times a year. Further updates would cost £10 each, and re-designs would cost £30 each.

You will provide me with the relevant text, photos, artwork and/or ideas of what you want, either in the form of printed materials, concepts + text, or another site design to be adapted to your needs.

Future Years have a 33% discount if no major changes are made to the site

If I start off your site, can you do the rest yourself ? If you can, then it will only cost £ 30 - you can use the Develop Your Site pages to do this

If you live near Epsom, I'll even get on my bike and come round and sort it all out for you ! Phone George McNamara on 01372-749803, email:-

Service -Value - Simplicity