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Bargain Sites. I offer a range of Bargain Sites for only £20 a year, and mailboxes for £10 a year. These are my simple sites (Link) and
silly sites(Link
) Your site would be a subdomain of a name that I own.

The sites where this is avialable are:-

Local Sites  
Fun Sites  

If you have any ideas for more sitenames for this, please let me know !!

Sites cost £20 a year (they have 10mb space, 100mb/month bandwidth, CPanel, and 2 POP mailboxes) for example,

Mailboxes cost £10 a year, for example,

Please Note - I would build these sites for you from a leaflet and/or design instructions, but for this price I would have to make a charge for major revisions

If you live near Epsom, I'll even get on my bike and come round and sort it all out for you ! Phone George McNamara on 01372-749803, email:-

Service -Value - Simplicity