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There are several free programs that I like to use, which I can highly recommend. Click on the file name in the download column to begin the download

program download advice for users
1. IrfanView iview361.zip

1. Put it on your desktop and 'drag and drop' any visual file onto the Iview icon
2. Use Image>Enhance Colours>red green and blue to change colours
3. If an image is in Iview, press Enter to convert to a slide show - use PgUp/Dn
4. convert images from JPG to GIF, and other formats

2. ENZip enzip300.exe many files are compressed (zipped) for transmission over the internet. ENZip unzips them again in a very neat way
3 FTP ftpx.zip FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol - this is a very useful utility for uploading and downloading files to your site (thought the control panel utility is fine for single file uploads)
4. Hard Copy HCSetup.zip This is a wonderful program - install it, and there is a tiny icon in 'the tray' (next to the clock. Click on this with the right button (the left does a 'print screen'), choose capture rectangle, then click and drag round whatever you want a snapshot of ! When you get a good result, save it !
5. I Disk idisk-win361.zip A neat little programme that shows you the sizes of all your directories on your hard disk simultaneously (Windows is very frustratiing for this !)
then, less seriously    
6. Sheep Football sheepfootball.exe Sheep are awful at football, but this is my favourite screen saver !
7. Stress buster stressreducers.exe Sometimes you just need something like this ! - Bash your bad desktop icons

To download, click on the file that you want, then click "SAVE to disk" and put it in a 'download directory' on your hard disk. All of these programs have behaved well for me. But, BEWARE, the files are quite large to download with a modem !