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Security Systems on the Internet

Security on the internet is a major worry, and this is what I use, which I can recommend :-

program site - click to download comments
1. Zone Alarm http://www.zonelabs.com/

This is a Firewall program which prevents
a) 'people outside' from accessing your computer
b) software on your computer from accessing the 'outside world'
The only traffic that crosses the firewall is what you consent to
Firewalls seem a much bigger potential problem to me than viruses.
It is still free - if you search the download section, the 'firewall only' is available free - you can get other protections, but you pay for them

2. Computer Associates eTrust EZ antivirus http://www.my-etrust.com/ This costs $ 25 / year, including all updates. (renewals are $ 10, I believe). I haven't had many virus problems, but I am very careful about opening attachments to emails. If what the person has written seems out of character, I check it with them before opening the file
3 SpyBot http://www.safer-networking.org/ SpyBot is a program that specialises in removing spy-ware - programs that get into your computer and potentially can send information about you back to their owner. Much of this is harmless commercial stuff, but, why allow even that to happen. It seems to derive from pop-up adverts.
4. Ad-Aware http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ This is a similar program to Spybot, the standard version is free, and it finds lots of cookies that could potentially misbehave
other options :    
5. Norton http://www.symantec.com/ Norton Utilities - can do everything you need in one package
6. McAfeer http://www.drsolomon.com/ McAfee also provide a complete service with Dr Solomon antivirus
7. F-Secure http://www.f-secure.com/ F-Secure provide a similar service
8. Net Nanny http://www.netnanny.com/ Net Nanny prevents young persons accessing the 'wrong parts' of the internet, accidentally or not. My friends 17-year old son and his mates soon worked out how to crack it, but younger kids would ne OK

I think it is absolutely essential to either use the mix of free services that I use, or to buy a professional package.

On my domain, the service provider filters emails for viruses and spam. I have found the Firewall more essnetial than a virus program, but I would be uncomfortable if I didn't have the security of both.