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I have found a range of computer utilities that I recommend to get you started, and there is some advice in the links in the grey Downloads box to the left :-

  1. Web Editors - to design and improve your webpages
  2. Utilities - useful programs for image viewing, unzip, file transfer, screenshots etc.
  3. Security - firewall and anti-virus services - my advice

Web Editors A good web editor is essential if you want to develop your site yourself. There are many web editors available - I use Dreamweaver myself, but $200 is too expensive if you are only going to build 6 pages (it would be worth it for 50 pages, I think)

In general, you should try and get a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) which produces HTML code, and there are 2 good FREE options available, Mozilla Composer from, and Amaya from I have not tested these thoroughly yet, but they look good, and I recommend them. There are brief reviews and other options on my web editors page. I would be very grateful for comments on how these work for you.


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