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Woodlands Web and Writing

Develop your Site


How you can develop and improve your website:

  1. Amending your pages - The easiest way to learn web design is for someone else (me) to make your first pages, then you can explore how to amend and adapt them (I recommend a WYSIWYG edit program like Mozilla Composer - see my Download section)
  2. The Easy way to make a New Page. As a next step, go a bit further, save an existing page with a new name - then you can gradually change the text, fonts, colours, and pictures, until it evolves into something entirely different
  3. The Hard way to make a New Page. This is what all the books and online tutorials will teach you, but it is not the best way to start
  4. Some knowledge of HTML will still be helpful with this - including more knowledge about tables, links, text and images (read this section for basic knowledge, it may be useful later)

You can then gather more experience by installing the free programs and scripts that are available in the control panel. You could learn programming languages in depth, and develop your own designs, (and start your own hosting service !)

I estimate that an experienced computer user will need about 20 working hours to be familiar with all the tools needed to write new pages.

There are many online resources and tutorials available, some of them here

Phone me on 01372-749803, email:-