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Menus, Buttons and Links

You can define your links in "Page Properties" in Dreamweaver (other editors will have a similar selection
choose the initial colour for any link (in this case I am using blue)
and the colour after it has been visited (in this case purple).
also the link can change colour as you click it (an active link)

Links are always underlined. Below are some examples of what is possible

Plain Links ---

With Border

With Border and Colour

Rollover -flash text

Rollover Links can be any size or colour
Links can also be vertical tables, or parts of the text .... patterns- column - fonts - colours

Menu Bars (like File - Edit - View - etc at the top of most Windows screens) These are not possible in 'normal html' - I hope to be able to build these soon, but they are difficult for beginners to maintain and change on their own sites, and I prefer not to include them.

Vertical Links

Button samples. I have used a cheap 'button making program' for the first 2 buttons below. The others are samples from a cheap CD. You can put text on these images and use them as links to other pages. You can also use 'flash buttons' which change colour with 'mouse-over'

Links to other sites can be given in several ways, either as Return to Home Page or as www.woodlands-web.com
in the code the link must be given in full, e.g. http://www.woodlands-web.com

Emails can also be given as Contact Me or as george@woodlands-web.com