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Pictures and Images

As a general rule, use JPG for photos, and GIF for graphics (as the internet gets faster, this seems less important, but some users may have very old computers !)

Some examples of possibilities with images are :-

000000   000033  
003300   003333  
006600   006633  
009900   009933  
00cc00   00cc33  
00ff00   00ff33  
  These colour blocks have been generated with html code. The size of the code is about 1kb   this is a Hardcopy 'capture' of a similar image - this is effectively a photgraph in JPG format - it is 54kb   This is the JPG image converted to GIF format, which is 12kb, although the quality is perhaps lower, the file is much smaller

Click on image to open it

  This is the full JPG image of a photo, re-sized to be a thumbnail. If you click on this, the full photo should open in a new window. It is 110kb   This is a cropped section of the same photo (the best bit) in JPG format. It is only 16kb   This is the same image saved in GIF format - it is much larger at 42kb
Clearly, it is much better to use JPG for photos, and GIF for all sorts of graphics
  pictures and graphics can also be displayed using boxes and backgrounds    
  simple picture   same picture with black frame   with background filled, and caption