you can put your
LOGO here
  STRIPES pattern

The Menu bars or links can be at this side, or at the other...
Other Patterns are:-

  Side Bar
  Page Patterns
  Design Start Page
  Woodlands Web

Design Details of this type of page are:-

  Stripes can be any colour. The vertical stripes can be any thickness - the horizontal stripe will always be at least the height of a normal line of type

Layout. The Upright Stripe could be on the right, if you prefer.
Within the largest area, there can be columns, graphics with wrap around text, or whatever you want

  Background. Can be any colour or pattern (or even a picture)
  Text -can be any font, any size ....
  Menus and Links can be done in a number of styles
  You can use photos, graphics and logos in any number of ways

You could have a bottom bar here with contact information, your email address, or links