Sheet on a Background
Stripe Sheet Blocks Simple Side Bar Heading Frame
Possible Backgrounds:-    
Trees from a photo
canvas - change the colour with Irfanview
wood grain - any type, from
metal structures
(or biological cells)
from my desktop wallpaper

cloth pattern (Kennedy A tartan) from

The Background   ( has a wonderful range of backgrounds)
Or, you can use any other visual image you like, of any size. I use about 50x50 pixels , in JPG format - this is tiled across the page. I will add more texture options later ...... your suggestions are welcomed ! - you can create your own and change the colours using IrfanView, which you can Download. (select the Image menu, then "Enhance Colours" , and adjust Red, Green and Blue till you like it !)
You can also use Hardcopy from the Download page to 'grab' patterns
The Sheet can be any colour you want (or even a picture or a pattern). I set it to 750 pixels wide.
The Text. You can choose any text colour, and from many different fonts. See the Fonts page
The Layout. See the Layout sheet for options
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