Simple Layout   There could be a
I can design a page like this for you very easily. Visit the other template pages to see which one you like best :-
Description Template Another Example:-
Simple page, like this Simple Template (you are here)  
Sheet of paper on a background Sheet Template  
Blocks of colour with text in Blocks Template
Stripes of colour separating text Stripes Template  
Side Bar - colour bar at the side Side Bar Template  
Heading - colour band at the top Heading Template  
Frames - picture, window, door Frames Template  
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Or, I can adapt a design from another website that you like, or from leaflet or other published material

Simple Page Layout

What I mean by simple is that there are only words and pictures, which you can lay out however you want.
There are no extra lines or design elements. But, you can have any colour background (or use a photo as the background - I can make it half-tone for you) and any colours or types of font that you want

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