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Design your Site !

There are 3 main options for designing a site:-

  1. Look at the Seven Page Patterns and the other design element pages in the blue menu on the left for ideas about layouts, fonts, colours, etc,
  2. or, send me an existing leaflet with a design that you like (in any computer format)
  3. or, send me the address of a website you like, and I will adapt it for you

Send the details to me, (with your text and photos, of course)

I will make a few variants of a home page in a test location, so you can see how your pages look before going ahead, and we can work on this till we get a template you like. Once this is done, we can purchase the site name registration (and you can pay me !) and I can build your other pages. Then, you can learn how to Manage your Site, and to Develop and Improve what I have done and create more pages. (Or, you can pay me to do all this for you)

For most of my 'deals', I hope I will only have to re-design the template 3 times before we get something you like. Please give me lots of ideas to work with and clear feedback about the designs I produce for you - it's much better to experiment at the start than to change it all later !!


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