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Satisfied Clients !


Woodlands Web has started, and the first few client sites are now operating.You might like to visit some of them to see the designs and how the site operates (Many other designs are possible !!)

Epsom Choral Society, at This is using a sub-domain of my main site. When the choir has a concert poster, that will be the basis of the front page, at other times there will be a picture of the choir and an invitiation for new members to join. The Epsom Choral Society site is now run by a volunteer.

Mole Valley LETS, at This is the site for our Local Exchange Trading Scheme. There is a working example of the phpBB forum there at - in this case you need to register to post on it, and be a full member of the LETS to post in the private area. The forum can be installed free from the Control Panel

Petroclays, at is site for a geologist, who provided a remarkable photo for the front page, and all the text.

Phone George McNamara on 01372-749803, email:-

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