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More About Websites

Firstly, if you are thinking about having a website, my page on Why a Website gives some more ideas of what other people use their sites for

Secondly, with your first site, it may be best to start with a few pages, and then develop them into something bigger. (Other people may start off with a clear vision of a large site) Whichever way, it is best to plan a way of developing the site, so that the capacity for future expansion is built in at the start.. Planning it correctly can save hours of work later

My Basic Offer is to buildthe first 3 pages, for £ 30 a year.

But then what ?


an experienced computer user can update and develop the pages themselves using the standard tools plus the instructions I provide. This is fairly easy, but there is a learning curve, and it takes time .... (maybe 20 hours to have it all at your fingertips - I will 'hold your hand' while you learn)
or, I can build more pages for you whenever you want them, but then all the existing pages may need to be changed to build links, etc.
and, I can do updates more often (cutting and pasting text into your template)

I can provide any of these extra services for you - My pages on Implementation give some more information on what are the factors which affect the price I will charge you for any work that I do.

Tutoring. I can give extra tutoring, especially in the Epsom area, as well as 'hand-holding'

Writing. I can even write all the text for you, but, this would be more expensive !

Next Steps, if you want to go ahead with me, choose a name and design a page

Phone me on 01372-749803, email:-