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Why have a website ?


The internet has great potential - there are many reasons to have a site:-

to sell your products and services
publicity for you and your business
for special offers
customers can download manuals and catalogues (save printing)
maps of how to reach you, contact information, etc.
so people from the past can find you (my 'find me' site is here)
to impress potential employers with your online CV
for your hobbies, interests or collections
to try out a small business idea
to communicate your thoughts and ideas more widely

your calendar of events

information about meetings, minutes, concerts, etc.

reports and publicity
discussion forums for interchange of ideas

I am setting up a range of local web services for organisations and businesses, see my simple sites for more details (they only cost £20/year)

My silly siteS are aimed at (silly) individuals, and cost only £20 a year.

Phone me on 01372-749803, email:-