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Planning how your site will develop


My Leaflet Site Offer is to build a site with 3 pages (and edit 3 times and do 3 updates a year)

This is a good size to start with - it is a home page with links to 2 other pages. Once you have a template, we can easily make new pages from it.

However, if you plan to have a larger site, anticipate this from the start, because:-

you can set up the correct directory structure
you can design the template so more links will fit in future

you can plan the content of the pages better - it might be cheaper to build it all at once than paying for 3 more pages every month

Try to remember that:-

  1. The user wants to reach the information they want in 3 clicks
  2. Minimise scrolling. Users do not like it, especially not sideways

Time put into planning the initial size and structure of the site can save hours later - is good for this, but sites always 'just seems to grow' anyway!!

If I start off your site, can you do the rest yourself ? If you can, then it will only cost £ 30 - you can use the Develop Your Site pages to do this

If you don't think you can, then please look again at my pages on Leaflets to Catalogues Page, and also at my WebMaster Services if you feel the site will need updating and improving regularly

Phone me on 01372-749803, email:-