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My main deal is 3 pages, 3 edits, 3 updates, for £30 a year off your leaflet

This is a good simple offer, however, everyone has their own unique idea for their website, and many sites don't fit in with this simple offer. However, we can use it as a starting point to sort out the other questions.

If I build the first 3 pages, then what ? There are many possible variations on this - we need to discuss exactly what you want (see planning your site), and then we can sort out the money issues.. You could have more pages and/or more updates, and estimates for the cost of these are given in the Price List. But, it is more complex than that - I can only give the following notes about my position:

The key thing for me is my time:-
The things which take time are Rewriting and Editing your Text, Revising the Design of your Pages, Expanding the site (building links) and Setting up Applications (Message Boards, etc.) - often all the existing pages need to be changed, and this is why some of the charges are quite high

An update means to 'cut and paste' new text into a template for you, it only takes a minute, and this is built into my charges. (the same applies to new photos)

Uploading new pages takes no time - so no charge

If you want to learn to run your own site, then helping you learn site design and management takes some time, but I hope you will buy more sites from me, so there is no charge for this. I see this as a good investment.

I like it if someone is going to take on their own site - however, there needs to be a handover - you must tell me if the handover needs to be a week, a month, or a year - I have no way of knowing this unless you tell me !

If I am writing your pages for you, then you don't need to learn about file management or file transfer, but I hope you will operate the Control Panel yourself

If I am doing something for you almost every month, there is a point where this is more than 'helping you', it is 'managing your site' and this must be recognised in the scale of charges.

Phone George McNamara on 01372-749803, email:-